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After much revamping and arguing with myself. I've redone my page--i can't access my last frickin' one so i started over from scratch--that bites--and i still can't think of anything new to add--check out the online drawing and chat--enjoy--

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Quote of the day
(or week i've already explained this)

"When the sky unfolds her great turquoise wings I feel cheated, because I cannot fly."
--excerpt from poem by Laura Amos

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What's bugging Marty today?
well just let me tell you...

tripod it won't let me in my friggin' page

3-4-01 -
nobody wants to hire me--i've assured myself they've all seen through my "customer relations" skill and they know how truly anti-social i really am.

nobody wants to sign my guestbook--damn you all

Being sick, nuff' said