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Faerie Hollow
Make your own wings

How to make faerie wings...

materials needed:
*four white wire coat hangers
*two pairs of white cheap pantyhose
*thick, strong pretty ribbon
*fabric dye in whatever color you want your wings to be
*reasonably thin wire
*needle and thread in dye color
*glitter spray

flutter flutter

1. following instructions on the box of fabric dye, dye both pairs of
white pantyhose. let them tumble in your dryer while doing the
wing-shaping that follows.
2. using pliers, straighten the hook portion of each coat hanger
and bend the tip back so that the new wire bit is about 2-3 inches
3. using your hands and using pliers on the corners, shape each
wire coat hanger into a wing shape, in which there will be a pair of
each shape you choose. the easiest and most conventional wing
shapes to form would be two elongated rounded diamond shapes
with and two half-heart shapes. the picture to the left can be used
as a guideline. this step is very hard to perfect and might take a
long time, but you won't regret the time spent to make your wings
4. by now, your hose will be dry. if not, then wait until they are. on
two pairs of dyed hose, cut off the legs and stretch each one VERY
CAREFULLY over your wing shapes. there will be bits of hose that
were not stretched over on the ends. these will be used later.
5. bind the four straightened-out hook hanger parts together with
the thin wire until they are secure. if using the suggested wing
shapes, bend the straighten hooks on the diamond shapes so that
they are at a right angle with their former position before doing
this. put the diamond shapes on top and the half-heart shapes on
the bottom.
6. now, fasten the loose bits of wire-covering hose to to wire in the
center with a little bit more wire. don't overdo it, though!
7. using the panty portion of the hose you already cut off, snip out
the crotch and any thicker portions of material, and stretch this
over the wire-covered center of the wings. sew it down and make
sure the seam is facing the back.
8. bend the wings so that they face somewhat outward and look
more three-dimensional.
9. now, cut the ribbon to make two pieces about 1.5- 2 feet each,
and tie them to the junction of the wings and wing-center on each
side in a loop so that you have arm-straps. have a friend help
adjust them so they lie perfectly.
10. spray your wings with glitter spray in the desired amount.
11. you are now a lovely faerie!

[1]if you would like, use already colored, patterned, or sparkly
pantyhose and skip the dying step!

other options:
*add dried or fake flowers, ivy bits, rhinestones, feathers,
*if you're artistically prone, pick up some silk painting dyes at a
craft store and its accoutrements (sealer, brushes), and paint the
wings with designs instead of dyeing them one color. PRETTY