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seeing is believing

Invoking Faeries

From a 17th century manuscript
meant to summon then capture in a piece of glass

First gett a broad square christall or venus glasse in lenghth and breadth 3 inches, then lay that glasse or chistall in the bloud of a white henne 3 wednesdayes or 3 fridayes (3 weeks to us). Then take 3 hazzle sticks or wands of yeare groth, pill them fayre and white, and make soe longe ar you write the spiritts name, or fayries name, which you call three times, on every stick being more flatt one side, then bury them under some hill whereas you suppose fayries haunt, the wednesday before you call her , and the friday following that, take them uppe and call at 8 or 3 or 10 of the clocke which be good plannetts and howres for that turne. but when you call ,be in cleane Tip and Turne thy pace towards the east, and when you have her bind her to that stone or glass.

short and easy version

steep a crystal in hen's blood for three weeks
wash with water
strip three one year old hazel twigs, sticks something ofthe nature
inscribe the name of the desired faerie while chanting the name
bury wands in a near by hill on a wednesday
invoke on friday.

Memeber of the Fairy land ring

Ways to see Faeries

1) Catch one between two blinks of an eye.

2)On a full moon, on Midsummer's eve, look through a self bored stone (one with a natural hole in the middle) from fresh water.

3)Hold four grains of wheat on a four leaf clover.

4) a.Mash a handful of four leafed clovers in a pestle and mortar.
b) Mix with petroleum jelly
c) Infuse for 15 minutes
d)Strain the mixture and decant into dark jars.Leave to cool.
e)spread ointment on eyelids for up to an hour of Faerie viewing.

(I haven't actually tried any of these methods so don't ask)


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