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Want more? Try some of these books

The Fairy Tradition in Britian
Lewis Spence
The Fairy Mythology
T Keightly
The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries
WYE Wentz
The Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare
A Nutt
Tradition, Superstiotions and Folklore
W. Henderson
Superstions of hte Highlands and Scottland
J G Cambell
Folk Tales and Fairy Lore
J MacDouglas
Scandanavian Folklore
W A Craigie
Celtic Folklore
J Rhys
British Goblins
Wirt Sikes
Ulster Folklore
E Andrews
Ancient LEgends of Scottland
Lady Wilde
The Wee Folk of Meneteith
H Terrell
The Books of Elves and Fairies
F J Olscott
Englich Fairy and other Folk Tales
E S Hartland
The Science of Fairy tales
E S Hartlamd
British Fairy Origins
L Spence
Ghosts and Witches of the Cotswolds
J A Brooks
After Dark on Dartmoor
John Pegg
Celtic Fairy Tales
Joseph jacobs
Atlas of Magical Britian
Janet and Colin Bord
A Field guide to the Little People
Nancy Arrowsmith
A Dictionary of Fairies
K Briggs
Fairies in Tradition and Literature
K Briggs
Dealing with the fairies
George MacDonald
Fairies and Enchanters
A William-Ellis

My personal Favorites (also featured on the site)

Brian Froud
Bob Curran
Pierre Dubois

if you want to know about these authors or their books contact me