Cyan's Lair


Meet my adopted Dragon Cyan.



Full Name: Cyan Dracostarr
Size:Just under 2 ft.
Weight: 43.6 lbs
Abilities: Telepathy
Super Agility
Shape Shifter

I found little Cyan on a trip to Silgo in Ireland. He appeared to be abandoned by his clan and was in pretty bad shape, i spent my vacation nursing himt o health. Cyan is extremely small compared to other dragons, just under two feet tall and that's him cheating on his tip toes. This is not the only thing that makes him unique. He began speaking to me telepathically and explained himself. He had been abadoned by his clan because he was a Dragon/Human High breed. And they couldn't understand his Telepathy. Apparently only works on Humans. He also has the ability to shape change, this helped to smuggle him back to the states.
He can't fly though, lack of wings prevents this. But he is extremely fast and agile. He decided to stay with me, I saved his life and he said he owes me a life debt. But I tell him any decent person would of done the same. So in Febuary 2001 I offically adopted him. We are still trying to find his Dragon mother and human father. All we know is that his father is somewhere in the States and travelled through northern Ireland in early 1996. If you can help us. Drop a line at


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